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Create Unique Surfaces with Our Microcement

Microcement, an innovative coating from Design By Cement, gives your floors, walls and furniture a stylish concrete feel. In addition, we give you the freedom to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance with six refined colors and the option of choosing ready-mixed or self-mixed microcement.

Microcement's Advantages:

  • Only one layer is required to achieve the desired result.
  • Environmentally friendly and classified by Sunda Hus.
  • Collaborates with 12 waterproofing manufacturers for increased sustainability.
  • Distinctive concrete feel for an authentic atmosphere.

Simple and Effective - No previous knowledge required

Applying our product is easy and requires neither special machines nor courses. Design By Cement offers free sample packs so you can experience the authentic feel of concrete before you decide.

A Living Material with Living Stain Protection
Vitruvius is laid in a 2 mm thick layer, which saves time and money. Furthermore, the staining becomes more natural and material-based, and no reinforcement is required. Among other things, you can choose from different surface treatments, such as linseed oil soap, linseed wax, microcement oil and Nordic Ecolabelled Trend wax for different areas of use.

Perfect for all surfaces - Design Your Bathroom

Create a lovely concrete feeling in your bathroom with our ready-mixed micro cement. In fact, just 2mm thickness and one layer is enough to transform your surface. The kit contains everything you need, including stain protection specially developed for bathroom environments.

Microcement for Countertops, Furniture and More:

  • Use on worktops, splash guards and furniture.
  • Build a 2mm thick layer to transform floors, walls and other surfaces.
  • Ready-mixed and pre-tinted for easy application.

Advantages of Vår Mikrocement

Ready mixed for Walls

Explore the modern trend of concrete walls. Namely, our ready-mixed microcement for walls gives a genuine concrete feel and is easy to apply in four steps: priming, laying, grinding and surface treatment.

Our Kit Contains:

  • K-Primer
  • Ready mix
  • Sealer
  • Installation instructions

Cost-effective and Sustainable

For Flooring: A Modern Trend

To clarify, you can make your floor a trendy and maintenance-free surface with our ready-mixed micro cement. In fact, our kit contains everything you need to create a beautiful concrete look that only gets better with time.

Underhållsfria Fläckskydd:

  • Linoljesåpa från Gutelin ingår för extra slitlager.
  • Diffusionsöppen yta som är skön att gå på.
  • Användbart på de flesta underlag.

Utforska Mikrocementens Möjligheter

Innan du köper mikrocement är det viktigt att uppleva materialet i verkligheten. Därför kan du beställa våra kostnadsfria provbitar och låt dig inspireras av mikrocementens mångsidighet. För ytterligare information och beställningar, besök vår hemsida eller kontakta oss direkt.

Sammanfattningsvis erbjuder mikrocement från Design By Cement en unik möjlighet att skapa moderna och stilfulla ytor i ditt hem. Design By Cement erbjuder kostnadsfria provbitspaket för att du ska kunna uppleva den autentiska betongkänslan innan du bestämmer dig. Dessutom är Vitruvius Mikrocement ett levande material med levande fläckskydd, vilket gör det både praktiskt och estetiskt tilltalande.

Kostnadsfria provbitar finns tillgängliga för att låta dig utforska mikrocementens möjligheter innan du tar ditt beslut. Dessutom är mikrocementet inte bara en modern trend för golv utan också kostnadseffektivt och hållbart över tid.

Design By Cement – Skapa Unika Ytor, Upplev Modern Betongkänsla!

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