We cooperate with these suppliers. It is important to follow their instructions.


Tätskikt skall utföras strikt enligt Alfix anvisningar – som du finner längre ner på sidan. Kontaktskikt med Alfix Profix/Alfix Profix Plus direkt på våtrumsmattan, får max. utföras i 5 mm. tjocklek och skall torka min 24 timmar vid 20 °C, innan, Microcementen appliceras. Det får inte lämnas Kvalitetsintyg bilag A från BKR Alfix tar inte ansvar för utskiktet av Microcement detta skall ”Design by Cement” ta. Alfix A/S Utvecklingschef/ R&D Manager Frank Pingel Parkett och Klickgolv behöver man däremot avlägsna före.


ARDEX N 23 W, S 28 NEW, X 77, X 77 S, X 77 W, X 78, X 78 S and X 90 OUTDOOR. All Ardex fixing compounds are mixed with the additive 50% E90 + 50% water.


Fix Universal Flex.


Höganäs tätskikt spacklar med fp13, fp1300 eller fp1350. Dessa spacklas max 3-5mm tjockt.


We have close cooperation with Kiilto and it is fine to use their rollable and foil system. Please read through their instructions in the document. Which can be found further down the page.


Needs the additive Multibinder. it works with several adhesives along with that additive. We have long and very good experiences with their Multifix.


Use an adhesive that is classified min S1 such as Keraflex Maxi S1 or Keraflex S1 Vario Quick. I want a traditional fixing compound and no easy fix because it has normal ballast and not extracted glass or the like. Writes Jan-Erik Johansson Technical Department Building ceramics at Mapei.


For PCI's sealing layer, Pci Nanolight mixed with Lastoflex is recommended, putty max 5mm.


Schönox recommends using their adhesive compound Q12. It is recommended that you only build walls when you have schönox waterproofing.


Weber recommends its REX FIX on the waterproofing layer before laying Vitruvius. Putty max 5 mm/layer and max 10 mm thick in total. Weber's system only when walls are to be coated, and thus not floors.


If your manufacturer is not on the list, it means that we have not yet received a response from them. Then we would like you to add a reinforcing mesh in the adhesive on the surfaces that are loaded with water. Feel free to contact us or them and we will surely come up with a solution.