Linseed oil soap for floors & cleaning

En äkta linoljesåpa av högsta kvalitet från Gutelin som skurar rent och bidrar till att skapa ett naturligt fläckskydd. Gutelins linoljesåpa är en äkta såpa med högt oljetal. Den rengör effektivt men skapar också ett komplett fläckskydd åt vår microcement. Gutelins linoljesåpa har en mycket högre koncentration såpa än de vanligaste linoljesåporna på marknaden.  Åtgång 500 ml…

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A top quality genuine linseed oil soap from Gutelin that scrubs clean and helps create natural stain protection. Gutelin's linseed oil soap is a genuine soap with a high oil content. It cleans effectively but also creates complete stain protection for our microcement.Gutelin's linseed oil soap has a much higher concentration of soap than the most common linseed oil soaps on the market.

500 ml = 30 – 40 square meters

Explanation of the function of the soap:
A genuine linseed oil soap such as Gutelins contains plenty of saponified oil. The oil itself therefore does not create stains, instead an oil film is left after the floor is scrubbed.
Since the film goes down into the material's small pores and hardener, the dirt then does not get into the concrete and through the denser surface.

Should the concrete need to breathe, it can "simply" push the soap away without causing any other damage. The next time you scrub the floor, those pores are clogged again.

If the same surface had been sealed with a varnish, the surface could instead have become too dense and the air pressure could then have been so great that the concrete pushes itself away, instead of the varnish.

The greasy film that the linseed oil soap leaves after hardening also contributes as an extra wearing layer, which thus contributes to extending the life of the surfaces.

Areas of use
Floors, worktops and cleaning materials

Instructions for saturating and maintenance-cleaning Vitruvius floor surfaces:

Measure the floor
1 part soap / 10 parts clean water
Do this once a couple of days after installation. Feel free to use an increased dosage of soap in the wash water for the first few months so that the floor becomes saturated.

Entertaining place
1-3 capsules of soap / 3 liters of water
Feel free to do this once / month or as needed after dry mopping or
vacuuming the surfaces. Apply with a microfiber mop.

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