Microcement for BATHROOMS.

Create a lovely concrete feeling in your bathroom with microcement. Some quick advantages of Dbc microcement. Ready-mixed. Pre-coloured. Environmentally friendly.


Microcement Bathroom – Ready-mixed Microcement for bathrooms

Transform your bathroom with our high quality DBC Microcement. Our popular bathroom kits contain all the materials you need for a finished surface.
Dbc microcement is delivered ready-mixed and pigmented in your chosen color.
All conveniently packaged in a complete kit.
Regardless of whether it is floors, walls or furniture in the wet area, this kit is suitable for bathroom and contains everything needed to create a finished surface.

Microcement badrum, Komplett kit för 3m2

Stain protection for Bathrooms

The package includes Microcement oil, which is specially formulated to withstand a long-term and high load of water. It is also resistant to chemicals that are often associated with such an environment, such as silicone, which is usually found in shampoo. The Microcement Oil is a mix of 2 oils, one of which penetrates deeply and the other is greasy and settles on the surface as a protective layer.

What is Microcement?

Microcement is like a surface layer that you spread out where you want a nice concrete look. The roughness of the surface can be determined and controlled and can be chosen in several colours.

One layer, is the big difference

Dbc Microcement was developed by layers who were not satisfied with the materials on the market. Therefore, it is natural that the material is of high quality. We have also chosen a more accurate sorting of the aggregate/filling mass, which means that the microcement does not shrink. This means that you can lay 1 (one) layer of 2 mm instead of other microcements that need several layers to achieve the same thickness.

By adding a layer, the flammability of the material comes out in a more natural way. It is also easier to maintain focus on the end result and the details than when you have laid the same surface 4 times.

Because it doesn't shrink, you don't need a reinforcing mat either.

Sockerbruket i Roma, Gotland

The microcement is manufactured in Sockerbruk's old premises in Romakloster on Gotland. Welcome to visit.

How much does Microcement cost? and how to buy it?

If you are going to lay it yourself, the material cost looks like the table below. If you want to add, for example, 15 m2, it will be cheapest to buy 9 + 7 m2
The number of m2 we have is therefore the surface the material covers if laid according to the instructions.


Hire a professional installer?

As we do not have our own installers, prices must be quoted. We are happy to help with this, go to the link and ask for a quotation request.To Offer.

To leave some examples that were earlier this year, in 2022, a bathroom costs

The prices have included materials, root is not drawn and no preparatory work is included. Layout, number of corners, substrate and destination affect the prices, so see this as a guideline only.

How to lay Microcement in Bathrooms

Laying can be done quickly and takes place in 4 steps
Priming – laying – Grinding – Surface treatment.
On the side Laying guide There are clear and accurate instructions, including videos.

Which substrates are suitable for laying Microcement on in Bathrooms?

  • Tiles & clinkers, require preparatory work.
  • Plastic mat
  • New sealing layers

You can read more about documentation and what preliminary work is required HAIR

What should be considered before buying Microcement?

Before buying Microcement, it is important to
- See the material in reality. If you are going to hire someone to do it, ask to see samples that show Their disposition.
- Check the surfaces so you have the right amount. This is especially important if you have a continuous surface as it will not look good if you make a break in the middle of the surface.

Before you start laying, it can be a good idea to test lay a smaller surface so you feel more prepared for the "real" laying. On your test surface, you can also experiment with your unique result.

Laying Microcement is almost addictive, Every job is equally fun and exciting. Many customers share the feeling and contact us afterwards. Hope you do too

The kit contains: K-primer, Microcement, Sealer, Microcement Oil and Installation instructions

provbitar på microcement
buy microcement

Have you ordered sample pieces? otherwise you can do it at the link below

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Light grey, Concrete grey, Dark grey, Sand white, Black, Gray beige

Number of m2

3 sqm, 7 sqm, 9 sqm, 14 sqm, 17 sqm, 21 sqm, 28 sqm, 35 sqm, 49 sqm, 70 sqm, 100 sqm

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