Microcement for FLOORS.

The new trend with flooring is to have none. A few years ago, concrete floors were just a surface, but today they are among the trendiest things you can have. Through a few simple steps and 2mm, you too can have one. Vitruvius has a genuine concrete feel that stands out. Some quick advantages of Readymix Ready-mixed…


Ready-mixed Microcement for floors

Put dbcMICROCEMENT on your floors and get a beautiful concrete look that only gets more beautiful & more beautiful over time. It can be laid on most substrates and leaves a diffusion-open surface that is very pleasant to walk on.

The kit contains: K-primer, Readymix, Sealer, Soap and installation instructions.

“Maintenance-free stain protection that gets better with time”

The package includes Linseed oil soap from Gutelin, which contains plenty of saponified linseed oil. The oil itself does not create stains, as it is saponified, but the oil film left after scrubbing a floor goes into the pores and clogs them. The dirt now does not get down to the microcement, but the surface is dense. Should the microcement or the substrate need to breathe, it can "simply" push the soap away without causing any other damage. The next time you scrub the floor, those pores are clogged again.
If the surface had been sealed with a varnish, which usually also contains solvents, the air pressure from below could have been so great that the microcement pushes itself free, plus we get rid of the otherwise plastic surface.
The soap's greasy film also contributes a lot as an extra wearing layer, which therefore extends the life of your floor.

What is microcement?

Microcement is like a surface layer that you spread out where you want a nice concrete look. You can determine and control the "roughness" of the surface and can choose from several colors.

One layer, is the big difference
DBC Microcement was developed by layers who were not satisfied with the materials on the market. Therefore, it is natural that the material is of high quality. We have also chosen a more accurate sorting of the aggregate/filling mass, which means that the microcement does not shrink. This means that you can lay 1 (one) layer of 2 mm instead of other microcements that need several layers to achieve the same thickness.
By adding a layer, the flammability of the material comes out in a more natural way. It is also easier to maintain focus on the end result and the details than when you have laid the same surface 4 times. Because it does not shrink, there is no need to have a reinforcing mat either.

The microcement is manufactured in Sockerbruk's old premises in Romakloster on Gotland. Welcome to visit

Sockerbruket i Roma, Gotland

How much does microcement cost?

If you are going to lay it yourself, the material cost looks like the table below. If you want to add, for example, 14 m2, it will be cheapest to buy 6 + 9 m2, etc. Below are some price examples.

3 m2 SEK 650/m2
14 m2 SEK 585/m2
28 m2 SEK 540/m2
70 m2 SEK 480/m2


As we do not have our own installers, prices must be quoted.
We are happy to help with this, go to the link and ask for a quotation request.To Offer.
To leave some examples that were earlier this year, 2022,

The prices have included materials, root is not drawn and no preparatory work is included. Layout, number of corners, substrate and destination affect the prices, so see this as a guideline only.

How to lay Microcement on floors?

Laying can be done quickly and takes place in 4 steps
Priming – laying – Grinding – Surface treatment.
On the side Laying guide There are clear and accurate instructions, including videos.

Which substrates are suitable for laying Microcement on Bathroom?

Virtually all types of hard jointless floors can be coated as the microcement takes up flexibility well.
Concrete, floating screed, painted floors, linoleum carpet, etc
The microcement is not sensitive to moisture or diffusion, so basement floors are fine to lay on.
Chipboards and plank floors need to be reinforced with floating putty, a so-called wooden joist reinforcement.

Clinkers are puttyed
Carpets need to be checked for hardness so that they do not leave marks after you press something hard on it
(such as a spoon)
Laminate flooring and carpeting must be removed.

You can read more about documents and what preliminary work is required HAIR

Laying Microcement is almost addictive, Every job is equally fun and exciting. Many customers share the feeling and contact us afterwards. Hope you do too!

The kit contains: K-primer, microcement, Sealer, microcement oil and installation instructions.

Have you ordered sample pieces? otherwise you can do it at the link below
provbitar på microcement

Do you want to read more about Floors in Microcement,Push here.

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Light grey, Concrete grey, Dark grey, Sand white, Black, Gray beige

Number of m2

3 sqm, 7 sqm, 9 sqm, 14 sqm, 17 sqm, 21 sqm, 28 sqm, 35 sqm, 49 sqm, 70 sqm, 100 sqm