Microcement for COUNTER TOPS, splash guards and furniture

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Create a lovely concrete feeling in your home with microcement. Putty a 2mm thick layer and change everything, for floors, walls and all other surfaces. Some quick advantages of Readymix - Ready-mixed - Pre-dyed - Environmentally friendly - No varnish as stain protection - No courses or prior knowledge required Stain protection of linoleum wax without solvents, suitable for food. Swedish made…


Färdigblandad Microcement för bänkskivor, stänkskydd möbler etc. 

Create your own countertops, furniture, etc. With this kit you get everything you need in terms of materials for a finished surface.
Vitruvius' sense of real concrete is unique and needs to be experienced

Kittet innehåller: K-primer, Readymix, Sealer, Vax och läggningsinstruktioner.

ReadyMix Microcement is spread out in a 2 mm thick layer and the appearance is as cast. Add your existing panels and furniture or build new frames that you cover with a real concrete feel.

What substrates can Microcement be laid on.

It is fine to put on your existing worktops, furniture etc. It is important to glue all the joints so that they do not move, because then the microcement can crack. We have good videos and instructions that help you in different scenarios.

MDF is common, such as kitchen worktops

MDF is a good material to lay on, it has the right acoustics and is easy to work with. But since MDF is very sensitive to moisture, you need to protect it from moisture, if there is a risk that moisture will stress it, such as with kitchen worktops. You protect against moisture with a waterproof varnish from any manufacturer or you use our A-primer. After the surface is protected from moisture and checked, you roll K-primer on top and continue according to instructions.
Link to A primer

How to lay Microcement

Läggningen går snabbt att utföra och sker i 4 steg
Priming – laying – Grinding – Surface treatment.
On the side Laying guide There are clear and accurate instructions, including videos. There is a video at the bottom of this page. but in each shipment it comes with a basic laying instruction as well, you don't need any prior knowledge.

Stain protection for worktops, furniture etc. also outdoors.

Worktops, splash guards, etc. are protected with a solvent-free linoleum wax. The wax withstands heat well and is suitable for food handling. Pores are filled so the surface becomes softer to the touch. If you clean with linseed oil soap, the wax will be automatically maintained during cleaning, otherwise you may need to wax repeatedly.
The wax gives a minor increase in color so the entire surface needs to be waxed.


No special tools, but it makes things easier of course. Our pavers make it so that you get a low angle of the blade towards the microcement, it is easier to polish the surface then.
Straight edges are the easiest to get with our outer corner chisels

Vad är Microcement?
Microcement är som ett ytskikt man spacklar ut där man önskar ett snyggt betongutseende. Man kan bestämma och kontrollera ytans ruffhet och kan väljas i flera kulörer.

One layer, is the big difference
Vitruvius Readymix was developed by installers who were not satisfied with the materials on the market. Therefore, it is natural that the material is of high quality. We have also chosen a more accurate sorting of the aggregate/filling mass, which means that the microcement does not shrink. This means that you can lay 1 (one) layer of 2 mm instead of other microcements that need several layers to achieve the same thickness.
By adding a layer, the flammability of the material comes out in a more natural way. It is also easier to maintain focus on the end result and the details than when you have laid the same surface 4 times. Because it does not shrink, there is no need to have a reinforcing mat either.

Sockerbruket i Roma, Gotland

What should be considered before buying Microcement?

Before buying Microcement, it is important to…

- See the material in reality. All manufacturers have nice concrete-like images, but in reality the quality varies quite a lot.
- You also need to see the color in the light it will be in. Gray scales are greatly affected by the light.
- Check the surfaces so you have the right amount. This is especially important if you have a continuous surface as it will not look good if you make a break in the middle of the surface.
- Be well informed because microcement is a natural material and it is not the same as buying tiles.


Laying Microcement is almost addictive, It's fun and looks very nice. A piece of furniture that likes to be a talking point.

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Light grey, Concrete grey, Dark grey, Sand white, Black, Gray beige

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