In new bathrooms, waterproofing is applied just like with tiles. Then, you apply tile adhesive on the waterproofing and layer the Dbc microcement on top. Read HERE which tile fix you should have. Tiles are ok to lay on if you smooth out the surface first. You putty with the same fix as if you were to put tile on top of tile. Ask your building supply store for a recommendation. Bathroom carpets are usually good to lay on, you need to do some tests of the carpet first. Read more on our page about different substrates. However, parquet and click floors need to be removed first.


There are no obstacles to insuring a bathroom coated with microcement/Vitruvius.


We provide a 10-year guarantee on our material and our instructions. The guarantee applies, among other things, to cracks that have occurred in our material, it does not apply if the crack is caused by the substrate or other external influences


Whoever lays the surface also provides a guarantee for their work. According to the Consumer Services Act, the guarantee is valid for 2 years. For larger objects, there is the possibility that Design By Cement guarantees both work and product, this is mediated through a separate contract.


All deliveries are made free of charge. Smaller orders are sent to your nearest DHL delivery point. Larger orders are sent directly to your specified delivery address. The delivery time is normally 3-4 working days


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