Färdigblandad Microcement för VÄGG (Copy)

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A concrete foundation wall changes the entire room. installation takes 2 days but the feeling remains for a long time. Keep the same moldings, electrical outlets as the microcement only builds 2mm.

Some quick advantages of Readymix

– Ready-mixed

– Pre-dyed

– Environmentally friendly

– No plastic varnish as stain protection

– Requires no courses or prior knowledge

Swedish-made on Gotland


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Ready-mixed Microcement for WALLS.

Our packages contain everything in terms of materials that you need for a finished surface. Vitruvius Readymix delivers ready-mixed and pigmented in the color of your choice. All in one package.

This kit is adapted for walls and contains everything needed for a finished surface regardless, and therefore no extra protection is needed, the sealer is enough. This does not refer to walls with a heavy load of dirt such as bathroom walls or behind the the kitchen counter.

The kit contains: K-primer, Readymix, Sealer and Installation instructions

ReadyMix Microcement is spread out in a 2 mm thick layer and the appearance is as concrete.

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What substrates can Microcement be laid on?

It is possible to lay on most wall substrates. And as a guideline, if it can be painted on, it is possible to lay Vitruvius microcement. This includes if  you have wallpaper, but you need to check that it is not water-soluble because then there will be blisters in the wallpaper. Or if you have new plasterboard, the joints needs to be scrime taped as usual.

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How to put Microcement on walls?

The work can be done quickly and cut in 4 steps Priming – laying – Grinding – Surface treatment.

In the Laying Guide there are clear and accurate instructions, including videos. . With each shipment, you will get a thorough laying instruction book as well, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge.

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No special tools are needed, but it helps of course. Our pavers makes it so that you get a low angle of the blade towards the microcement, it makes it easier to polish the surface then. With our outer corner slaves, it makes it easier to get straight edges towards outer corners.

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Microcement is like a surface layer that you spread out where you want a nice concrete look. The roughness of the surface can be determined and controlled and can be chosen in several colours.

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One layer, is the big difference

Vitruvius Readymix was developed by installers who were not satisfied with the materials on the market. Therefore, it is natural that the material is of high quality. We have also chosen a more accurate sorting of the aggregate/filling mass, which means that the microcement does not shrink. This allows you to add 1 (one) layer of 2 mm instead of other kind of microcements that need several layers to achieve the same thickness. By adding a layer, the flammability of the material comes out in a more natural way. It is also easier to maintain focus on the end result and the details than when you have lay the same surface 4 times.

Because you dont get any shrinking in the ReadyMix, there is no need to have a reinforcing mat either.

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Sockerbruket i Roma, Gotland


What does it coast to buy MICROCEMENT?

If you are going to lay it yourself, the material cost looks like the table below. If you want to add, for example, 14 m2, it will be cheapest to buy 6 + 9 m2, etc.

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3 m2 = kr/m2
6 m2 = kr/m2
10 m2 = kr/m2
20 m2 = kr/m2
40 m2 = kr/m2
60 m2 = kr/m2


As we do not have our own installers, prices must be quoted. We are happy to help with this, go to the link and request a quote. To Offer.

Down below we made some examples  off offers that were made earlier this year, in 2022, a bathroom costs


15m2 ca 1650 kr/m2
35 m2 ca 1300 kr/m2
60 m2 ca 1200 kr/m2

The prices have included materials, no preparatory work is included. Layout, number of corners, substrate and destination affect the prices, so see this as a guideline only.

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What should be considered before buying Microcement?

Before buying Microcement, it is important to – See the material in reality. All manufacturers have nice, concrete-like images, but in reality the quality varies quite a lot. – You also need to see the color in the light it will be in. Gray scales are greatly affected by the light. – Check the surfaces so you have the right amount. This is especially important if you have a continuous surface as it will not look good if you make a break in the middle of the surface. – Be well informed because microcement is a natural material and it is not the same as buying tiles.

If you want to read more about Wall in Microcement, click here. If you want to read more about Microcement, click here

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Order our free samples to experience our microcement in real life

Before starting to lay, it may be a good idea to test a smaller surface so you feel more ready for the “real” laying. On your test surface, you can also experiment with a unique result.

Laying Microcement is almost addictive, Every job is equally fun and exciting. Many customers share the feeling and contact us afterwards. Hope you do too


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